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    The Minipacer dog treadmill has been engineered with the smaller dog and smaller spaces in mind. Don't let the size fool you. The Minipacer dog  treadmill is built from carbon steel and can support dogs up to 25 kg. Features: Customized Programs and the Minipacer dog treadmill is  completely portable making indoor exercise a breeze.

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  • 1 114,29 EUR In Stock

    Artero Compac dryer and blower 2 v 1. Power and design. For heavy-duty use. Tough and reliable. Made in Barcelona. Combined dryer +  blower with electronic control. Hard wearing, light and extremely flexible tubing, making it very easy to use, with a detachable nozzle to  increase the output pressure.

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  • 333,85 EUR Out of stock

    Pet stroller for dogs up to 45 kilos. With pockets and seatbelt. Swiveling front wheel and air tires for an extra-smooth ride. Back door with zip for  an easy access. Transparent window on the upper side to have a look at your animal. Three resistant meshes for a better vision and ventilation.  Stroller reflective tape. Very easy to fold up. Very easy and...

    333,85 EUR
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  • 8,19 EUR In Stock

    Detangling spray beauty liss mink oil Dog generation for dogs and cats This powerful conditioner made from mink oil nourishes and softens your pet’s skin and hair and disentangles it at the same timeThe high-grade level of fatty acids and vitamin F forms a protective film on both the hair and the epidermis, moisturizes them and protects them against...

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  • 861,52 EUR In Stock
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    Grooming bath tub Vivog  Specially designed for small and medium dogs. External dimensions  Lenght at the bottom of the bath : 80cm Lenght at the top of the bath : 106cm Height (at the minimum – without feet) : 50cm Height (at the maximum – without feet) : 53cm Width (at the minimum) : 60cm Width (at the maximum) : 75cm

    861,52 EUR
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  • 82,67 EUR Out of stock

    Precision on paws, ears and face details, carbon + chrome 0.4 mm blade, Ergonomic, light and manageable, dimensions: 145*35*30 mm, wiight 123 g,  battery Ni-MH 2.4 V/700mA, charge 8 hours, use 90 min., RPM 3000 rpm/7W, includes (C637) 0.4 mm cutting blade, charging stand, cleaning brush, oil, 4 plastic combs

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  • 10,02 EUR In Stock

    Brush / slicker 2 sides - pins hard / soft - Medium l - 8* 7 cm  Artero  Recommended for removing mats and dead hairs  Gently detangles deep down  Airs the fur and gives it volume. 

    10,02 EUR
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  • 24,13 EUR In Stock

    Organizer of hairdressing scissors and utensils. 

    24,13 EUR
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  • 82,11 EUR In Stock

    Professional hairdressing machine cutting 1 - speed operation with or without cable. Faster with more autonomy and more comfortable. Features: LCD Control System: remaining time indicator use. Lithium Battery LiFe Po4. 

    82,11 EUR
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  • 10,41 EUR In Stock

    Retractable dog leash Artero Dog-Control. Very safe and comfortable to use braking system giving the alternative of using this short strap to control the pet. Option to leave the brake released so that the pet moves without problem in 360º around us without tangles at the time of collection of the leash  automatically. 

    10,41 EUR
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  • 5,42 EUR In Stock

    A natural, deep cleaning shampoo that revitalises the coat leaving it shiny and smelling fresh. Especially recommended for removing unpleasant odours, leaving a long lasting fresh scent. Contains Chamomile extract, glycerine and humectant to maintain the coat’s humidity and protect bathers’ hands. Suitable for all coat types. 

    5,42 EUR
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  • 46,54 EUR In Stock

    Keeps the coat clean for long time, great hydratation, anti-toxin effect, anti-pollution, helps detangling coat, softening affect, only with natural ingredients, suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. 

    46,54 EUR
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  • 12,03 EUR In Stock

    A very powerful detangler with mink oil. It efficiently helps to eliminate knots. Prevents matting, is non-greasy and deodorizes. It is perfect for silky  coats. 

    12,03 EUR
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  • 19,05 EUR In Stock

    The same great product you have loved for over 50 years, in a new package! Non-greasy, lanolin enriched aerosol spray, formulated to clean and  condition the coat, as it is absorbed into the skin, helping to eliminate dryness and flakiness. This conditioning spray deodorizes, eliminates  tangles, and eases brushing. No-lacquer formula recommended for all...

    19,05 EUR
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  • 15,00 EUR In Stock

    Deeply moisturizing super sleek shampoo for a drop coat and breeds with silky coat. Gives a heavy, smooth, anti-static result. The rich, gentle and deep cleansing Silk Shampoo nourishes and hydrates the coat. The Shampoo contains Crosilk™ which is a functional silk protein providing smoothness and elegance.  

    15,00 EUR
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  • 4,44 EUR In Stock

    Sheep with long legs and black head with a squeaker in each leg.  Length : 30 cm. 

    4,44 EUR
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