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Powder, dry shampoo

Powder and dry shampoo for dogs and cats Vivog

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  • 11,28 EUR In Stock

    Dry shampoo Vivog The “Dry mousse shampoo” enables quick and frequent shampooing of all breeds of dog and cat year-round,  without the need for water or rinsing Volume 300 ml 

    11,28 EUR
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  • 10,87 EUR In Stock

    Universal powder Vivog The spray-on “Universal Powder” chalk powder is specially designed for maximum efficacy  on wire-haired breeds through its penetrating properties.  For use as a dry shampoo and promotes epilation by hardening the fur.  Replaces grooming chalk.  It is easier and faster to use.  

    10,87 EUR
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  • 9,24 EUR Out of stock

    Universal powder Vivog The rinse-free “Universal Powder” grooming powder cleans, degreases, waterproofs,  hardens, and gives texture and volume to the fur.  Prevents felting of the coat.  Makes brushing, epilation, and styling easier. Volume 150 gramm 

    9,24 EUR
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items