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  • 9,05 EUR In Stock

    It has a bleaching action that makes the coats are cleaner and brighter. Similarly, has a slightly acidic pH, which favors the health of the skin. It nourishes the hair in depth, strengthening it and promoting its regeneration.   Directions for use: Apply to wet hair massaging to create a rich, creamy lather. Let soak 3-5 minutes and then rinse...

    9,05 EUR
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  • 8,48 EUR In Stock

    Artero Hidratante Shampoo for dogs and cats. A shampoo for long-haired breeds (yorkshire terrier, lhasa apso, maltese  and afghano) or dry and damaged coats. Very mild with a base of natural surface-active agents. It´s relaxing action  produces a balsamic effect on the skin.

    8,48 EUR
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  • 32,63 EUR In Stock

    Artero Neutro Basic 5 L Shampoo for dogs, cats and horses A shampoo ideal for all breeds and coat types. With a washing action by emulsion, it eliminates dirt  with maximum respect to the skin and coat. It contains oat extracts, and is rich in active substances, pH 5.5.

    32,63 EUR
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  • 7,78 EUR In Stock

    Artero Vitalizante Shampoo for dogs and cats. Vitalizing Bath is a shampoo recommended for breeds with wire coats (schnauzers and terriers)  or breeds that require volume (poodle, old english and kerry blue).

    7,78 EUR
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  • 7,89 EUR In Stock

    4 Cats cares for the fur and dermis of felines. Its gentle formula, rich in moisturisers, vitamins and conditioners, provides a nourishing treatment with volume and shine. It facilitates brushing.

    7,89 EUR
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  • 8,25 EUR In Stock

    Our new shampoo Artero Baby is especially advised for all breeds puppies and kittens with sensitive and delicate skin. Shampoo for dogs and cats for all races especially for puppies and sensitive skin. 

    8,25 EUR
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  • 10,04 EUR In Stock

    Our new Sampoo Artero Bye Bye is a repellent and anti-parasitic shampoo for both dogs and cats. It contains a group of ingredients combined to repel and remove fleas and ticks amongst other external parasites. It’s a completely natural shampoo compatible with other elements and provides an immediate balsamic and soothing effect on the skin. 

    10,04 EUR
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  • 7,99 EUR In Stock

    Shampoo with anti-toxin and degreasing effects, making it an ideal shampoo for city pets. Activated Charcoal: it's great absorption power eliminates toxins, impurities, traces of grease and dirt in depth. 

    7,99 EUR
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  • 11,33 EUR In Stock

    Our new Shampoo Artero Relax is hypoallergenic and particularly suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.  Highly recommended for post Stripping sessions (canine technic). Again, its natural composition makes  it suitable for all breeds 

    11,33 EUR
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items