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  • 7,55 EUR In Stock

    Hydrating shampoo DOG generation for dogs, avocado and mink oil  The hydrating and softening power of avocado and mink shampoo is the  perfect solution for dry, frizzy or damaged hair. The combination of these two components moisturises each layer of hair  until its inner core, leaving it soft and shiny. 

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  • 7,73 EUR In Stock

    Nourishing jojoba shampoo DOG generation for dogs,   Jojoba oil is renowned for its nourishing attributes, infusing a high  amount of nutrients that are necessary for beautiful hair. It preserves hydration, removes excesses of sebum and fortifies the coat at the  same time. Excellent care for sumptuous hair, this shampoo has a straightening  effect on...

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  • 46,02 EUR In Stock

    Premium Expert shampoo Dog Generations for dogs and cats This extremely concentrated shampoo was especially designed for canine professionals.  Perfumed with camomile, it not only leaves a nice smell but also restores the brilliance of your pet’s coat.  For all breeds of dog 

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  • 47,48 EUR In Stock

    Protein shampoo DOG generation for dogs Designed to remove all kinds of dirt without being harsh to the skin,  this shampoo is the ideal product for frequent use. The wheat proteins repair and fortify the hair capsules deep down  inside and leave a conditioning effect. Enriched with wheat-germs oil, the formula nourishes and softens your  pet’s coat,...

    47,48 EUR
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  • 7,11 EUR Product available with different options

    REGENERANTING SHAMPOO  DOG generation with passion fruit extract for dogs  Extract of Passion fruit/flower nourishes and regenerate damaged hair fibres without greasing and  weighing them down. The combination of wheat proteins and vitamin F repairs, protects and reinforces your pet's coat, leaving it smooth and soft. Shampoo diluted in water at a...

    7,11 EUR
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items