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After shampoo for dogs and cats Dog Generation

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  • 8,05 EUR In Stock

    AVOCADO & MINK OIL DETANGLING CONDITIONER Dog Generation for dogs  The avocado and mink oil Conditioner is the perfect product for dry and  rough coats wich are difficult to shape and to comb. It efficiently  removes static electricity and helps to untangle all kinds of knots by  straightening the hair’s surface. 

    8,05 EUR
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  • 8,19 EUR In Stock

    Detangling spray beauty liss mink oil Dog generation for dogs and cats This powerful conditioner made from mink oil nourishes and softens your pet’s skin and hair and disentangles it at the same timeThe high-grade level of fatty acids and vitamin F forms a protective film on both the hair and the epidermis, moisturizes them and protects them against...

    8,19 EUR
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  • 8,25 EUR In Stock

    Powerful conditioner nourishes Dog generation for dogs and cats, softens and strengthens your pet’s coat.  he jojoba oil helps regulate the excess of sebum, making the coat shiny and hydrated.  Slightly perfumed, it helps keeping a healthy coat, facilitating the disentanglement and the grooming.  

    8,25 EUR
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  • 7,55 EUR In Stock

    JOJOBA OIL DETANGLING CONDITIONER Dog Generation for dogs The creamy texture of the Jojoba conditioner contains all necessary  properties to take care of long hair. The formula has been especifically  designed to remove static electricity and to ease the untangling process  by straightening hair capsules. Enriched with jojoba oil, it keeps the coat...

    7,55 EUR
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  • 12,03 EUR In Stock

    A very powerful detangler with mink oil. It efficiently helps to eliminate knots. Prevents matting, is non-greasy and deodorizes. It is perfect for silky  coats. 

    12,03 EUR
    In Stock
  • 14,68 EUR In Stock

    NOURISHING BALM Dog Generations for dogs and cats This smooth and creamy balm encloses the hair capsules, leaving it silky  and soft and thus helping it to untangle. Enriched with jojoba and wheat germs oils, its nourishing properties  prevent hair from dehydration and restore the smooth and softness of  rough and damaged coats. Recommended for dogs with...

    14,68 EUR
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items