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Cosmetics for dogs and cats

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Cosmetics for dogs and cats

Cosmetics for dogs and cats - VIVOG, Artero, Dog generation,  Terra Beauty, Khara.   We offer a wide range of...

Cosmetics for dogs and cats - VIVOG, Artero, Dog generation,  Terra Beauty, Khara.   We offer a wide range of cosmetic products for the care of the coat and skin of animals. The entire range of cosmetics made from 100% natural ingredients and no harmful chemical additives that can cause allergic reactions, itching, redness of the skin. Cats and dogs are not humans, so their skin and coat requires special tender care, A specific range adapted for all breeds, taking account of the different coat texture characteristics. The result is visible after the first to apply.



  • Anti-parasite

    Anti parasite for dogs and cats

  • Daily care

    Washing wet wipes, ear and eye cleaner for dogs and cat

  • After shampoo

    After shampoo for dogs and cats

  • Universal shampoo

    Universal shampoo for all breed of dogs and for all type of coat.

  • Long coat shampoo

    Long coat shampoo. Long and semi-longhaired coats needing a smooth texture.

  • Shampoo for Wire-Haired Dogs

    Special Shampoo for Wire-Haired Dogs. Suitable for all wire-haired and short-haired breeds.

  • Texture volume Shampoo

    Texture volume Shampoo for dogs. Long or semi-long haired breeds whose coat needs added volume.

  • Colour shine shampoo

    Colour shine shampoo for dogs, colors - white, black, gold, apricot, silver, chocolate. Shampoo enhancing the brightness of colors, with gentle care for coat and skin of your dog.

  • Specific shampoo

    Shampoos for dogs that need special care, curly wavy coat, sensitive skin, dandruff, itching

  • Shampoo for puppy

    Shampoo for puppy. Gentle cleansing. Preserves the dermo-capillary balance. All breed and coat types.

  • Dry shampoo

    Dry shampoo for dogs, Non-rinse cleanser with deodorising effect.

  • Powders, chalks, colors

    Powders, chalks, colors of coat for dogs and cats

  • Detanglers

    Detanglers for dogs and cats

  • Perfume

    Perfume for dogs and cats

  • Special cosmetics

    Special cosmetics for dogs and cats

  • Shampoo for cats

    Shampoo for cats

  • Accessories

    Accessories for cosmetics

  • Artero

    Spanish Professional cosmetics Artero  for cats and dogs with a history of occurrence of more than 100 years

  • Vivog

    Professional French cosmetics Vivog  for dogs and cats, based on plant extracts, with a long history.
    Because the choice of shampoo is important for the well-being and beauty of dogs and cats,
    The Cosmetics Vivog puts for 25 years all his know-how to professionals. This developing shampoos tailored to
    different hair textures for optimal use to cure the quality of the hair, maintaining its length, foster growth,
    restore vitality, shine and beautify her dress. A full range of natural cosmetics and effective at the forefront
    of scientific advances, made ??in France for  maximized control enabling us to offer you high quality products
    for an exceptional coat.

  • Dog Generation

    Professional French cosmetics for dogs and cats, made from plant extracts

  • Pure Paws
  • Terra Beauté

    Natural cosmetics for dogs and cats Terra Beauté

  • WAHL

    Professional cosmetics for dogs and cats Wahl, made in Great Britain (UK)

  • K9 Competition

    Professional Swedish cosmetics for dogs and cats K9 Competition

  • Khara

    Professional French cosmetics Khara for dogs and cats

  • Show Tech

    Professional cosmetics for cats and dogs Show Tech


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