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Clipper Wahl KM10

Clipper Wahl KM10 
Powerful animal clipper with the strength of two velocity levels and a durable, solid DC power motor designed for continuous load. The  rounded casing facilitates an optimum hair flow and enhanced cutting speed.

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Minimum exertion and low joint stress. Confirmed by experts in ergonomics. Impresses through palpably light weight, slim styling and excellent  weight distribution. Molds to suit the user‘s hand, with slip-resistant coating for a secure hold and improved h. 
Low-wear Ultimate Competition blade set “Made in USA”, 1.8 mm cutting length, cuts 2.5 times quicker. 
4.2 m professional round cable, DC Motor, 3,000/3,500 rpm/min., 2 speeds,  
100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, Weight: 360 g 

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