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Dog professionnal shampoo - Wooly, curly corded coat - Volumizing - Vivog Maximize

Dog professionnal shampoo - Wooly, curly corded coat - Volumizing - Vivog

The dog shampoo Vivog Wooly, curly, corded is with plats extracts of Fucus. Conditionner. Volumizing. Moisturising and film-forming. Paraben free. 

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  • 300 ml
  • 1 L
  • 5 L

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Special dog, 
With plant extracts of Fucus, 
Enriched with vitamin E, 
Conditioner and volumizing 
Properties : 

The “Special caniche” ("special poodle») Shampoo was specially developed for curly, wooly and corded coats with special needs. 
Poodle Shampoo is mild and helps to remove the tear staining from the fur. 
Penetrates more easily all the specific coats in one application only. 
The formula is pH balanced to meet the special needs of the curly, wooly or corded breeds’ skin and coat. 
It contains conditioning and volumizing agents effective in the long-term. 
It can be used on both dry or wet hairs leaving the coat free of mats, tangles and flyaway hair whilst providing a natural luxuriant shine. 
It leaves a protective non-greasy film on fur. 
It moisturizes the coat, leaving it soft, shiny and silky. 
Special wooly, curly and corded coat. 
Mild conditionner and volumizing. 
Effective in the long-term on wet or dry hairs 

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