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Cosmétiques spéciaux
Cosmétiques spéciaux pour les chiens et les chats K9 Competition

Cosmétiques spéciaux  Il y a 6 produits.

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  • 18,73 EUR Disponible

    K9 Styling Mist features a style holder formula with a wonderful mild fragrance that gives double holding that conventional human hair sprays. Keeps styles droop-proof during humidity and rainy weather. Adds long lasting support to the hair style by giving the hair a protective moisture barrier. Leaves the coat full-bodied, with soft and natural-looking. 

    18,73 EUR
  • 13,38 EUR Disponible

    Crisp Mist Texturizer spray gives extra hold and texture to coats that needs a firmer volume and feeling. Just spray and brush or blow dry. Antistatic, de-tangling, moisturizing and protects the coat. Makes the coat easy to brush and will not damage the hair. Brings out the natural shine. Alcohol free. 

    13,38 EUR
  • 14,88 EUR Disponible

    DEMATTER SPRAY is a instant conditioner spray with magic anti-static, detangling and moisturizing power.  It makes all types of hair and coats easy to brush with an amazing shine. Prevents tangles and wear with long lasting result.  

    14,88 EUR
  • 33,03 EUR Disponible

    K9 Competition Intensive Aloe Vera Coat Cure with powerful Vitamin/Protein/Keratin Complex increases the level of moisture, repair and control that damage and ragged coats needs. With K9 Intensive Coat Cure you will get a sleek, easy maintained and transformed coat with luscious shine. 

    33,03 EUR
  • 14,30 EUR Disponible

    K9 KERATIN+ Coat Repair Moisturizer …is an ultra-restoring leave in spray conditioner with a blend of Keratin Protein and D-Panthenol that makes coat incredibly easy to brush and with an amazing shine and softness. 

    14,30 EUR
  • 14,33 EUR Produit disponible avec d'autres options

    SHOW OFF IN A HANDY, LITTLE BOTTLE! Silk Shine provides unexcelled lustre and shine to all types of coats and hair. It counteracts tangling, split hair ends and static electricity. 

    14,33 EUR
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Résultats 1 - 6 sur 6.