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  • 14,80 EUR Disponible

    This stripping tool features a stripping knife handle for comfort while the ”blade” is a solid metal surface coated with an anti-slip finish to give maximum grip on the hair. As there are no teeth, the solid stripper is the perfect tool for show dogs because there is no danger of cutting the coat.  Suitable for left or right handed use. 

    14,80 EUR
  • 12,93 EUR Produit disponible avec d'autres options

    Stripping Stick works like a stripping stone for detail and finishing work. Ideal for difficult coats like fluffy coated cockers. Made from stone, it is much lighter than the metal stripping sticks and features a comfortable, soft grip handle to reduce fatigue. 

    12,93 EUR
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Résultats 1 - 2 sur 2.