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  • 726,00 EUR Disponible

    Tapis roulant DOG PACER Home Trainer pour les petits chiens jusqu'à 25 kg

    726,00 EUR
  • 390,25 EUR Rupture de stock

    Pet stroller for dogs up to 45 kilos. With pockets and seatbelt. Swiveling front wheel and air tires for an extra-smooth ride. Back door with zip for  an easy access. Transparent window on the upper side to have a look at your animal. Three resistant meshes for a better vision and ventilation.  Stroller reflective tape. Very easy to fold up. Very easy and...

    390,25 EUR
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  • 25,85 EUR Disponible

    Organizer of hairdressing scissors and utensils.

    25,85 EUR
  • 11,71 EUR Disponible

    Retractable dog leash Artero Dog-Control. Very safe and comfortable to use braking system giving the alternative of using this short strap to control the pet. Option to leave the brake released so that the pet moves without problem in 360º around us without tangles at the time of collection of the leash  automatically. 

    11,71 EUR
  • 10,10 EUR Disponible

    Keeps the coat clean for long time, great hydratation, anti-toxin effect, anti-pollution, helps detangling coat, softening affect, only with natural ingredients, suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. 

    10,10 EUR
  • 19,05 EUR Disponible

    The same great product you have loved for over 50 years, in a new package! Non-greasy, lanolin enriched aerosol spray, formulated to clean and  condition the coat, as it is absorbed into the skin, helping to eliminate dryness and flakiness. This conditioning spray deodorizes, eliminates  tangles, and eases brushing. No-lacquer formula recommended for all...

    19,05 EUR
  • 14,96 EUR Disponible

    Deeply moisturizing super sleek shampoo for a drop coat and breeds with silky coat. Gives a heavy, smooth, anti-static result. The rich, gentle and deep cleansing Silk Shampoo nourishes and hydrates the coat. The Shampoo contains Crosilk™ which is a functional silk protein providing smoothness and elegance.

    14,96 EUR
  • 26,74 EUR Disponible

    Bell shaped to focus and speed up the rinse. Rubber brush shaped to remove all dead hair. Button to allow or shut the flow of water. Mitten shaped extra handle. Universal thread.  

    26,74 EUR
  • 28,27 EUR Disponible

    Black, heavy-duty, figure enhancing stretch pants with logo and paw print design. 

    28,27 EUR
  • 13,00 EUR Disponible

    CHARACTERISTICS: Microfiber. USE: To dry pets, use after draining the animal in the bathtub. Ends hair´s moisture leaving it  ready for the dryer. ANIMAL: Dogs and cats.  100*60 cm 

    13,00 EUR
  • 30,56 EUR Disponible

    The set includes:   Artero Hidratante Shampoo - 250 ml Artero keratin vital - 100 ml Conditioning Spray Flash Artero - 300 ml 

    30,56 EUR
  • 323,13 EUR Disponible

    Dryer and ejector for dog grooming. Dry dog hair quickly and professionally. Features: Hair dryer and ejector 2 engines. 2 engines always operate at the same time. Air flow regulator and heat. Air flow working at maximum: 320CFM. Power: 3000W. 

    323,13 EUR
  • 39,99 EUR Disponible

    H2O MIST PURE PAWS, spray hydratant démêlant, antistatique, anti frisottis. Il laisse un parfum agréable qui ne dérangera pas votre petit compagnon H2O MIST Pure Paws est un spray hydratant. Sa formule unique permet de garder l'hydratation depuis la racine  de la cuticule jusque sur toute la longueur du poil. 

    39,99 EUR
  • 25,59 EUR Produit disponible avec d'autres options

    Mat to cover the table top surface gaining support ad with 5 mm thick padded rubber for pet resting during grooming 

    25,59 EUR
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  • 38,14 EUR Disponible

    Within 5 meters activate the ultrasound when the pet barks to correct that behavior. 

    38,14 EUR
  • 115,48 EUR Disponible

    Reaktor is a machine that goes from 5000 to 7000 revolutions per minute in 5 speeds offering a polished finish without marks in  the cut. With a sturdy, narrow-toothed blade to work with the best definition on the finest and smoothest hair. Adjustable cutting  height and trims for fast, quality trimps. 

    115,48 EUR
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