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Nouveau Shampoo Artero Relax  100 ml Agrandir l'image

Shampoo Artero Relax 100 ml

Nouveau produit

Our new Shampoo Artero Relax is hypoallergenic and particularly suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.
Highly recommended for post Stripping sessions (canine technic). Again, its natural composition makes  
it suitable for all breeds 

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7,87 EUR

  • 100 ml

En savoir plus

Amongst other ingredients it contains:
Aloe Vera: Refreshes and repairs skin.
Chamomile Extract: Antiseptic and soothing ingredient.
Rosehip: Nourishes the skin, provides elasticity, calms reddening, irritation and itching. 
And finally, a Vitamin Complex which enriched with proteins, maintains the skin’s natural balance and creates a  
protective barrier against toxins. 


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