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Anti parasite

Anti parasite for dogs and cats Vivog

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    House insecticide protection spray Vivog With the “insecticide habitation” spray one pump of the spray provides  triple action (10 seconds of spray treats an average sized room of 50 m3).  Deodorant: Instantly effective and long-lasting, it can be used  in all areas (living room, car, etc.).  The chlorophyll scent gives a feeling of freshness and...

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  • 10,87 EUR Out of stock

    Odours destroyer spray Vivog 500 ml  The “Odour destroyer” spray is formidable and effective against unpleasant odours. # With its absorber, it chemically neutralises the most tenacious of smells (cooking, cigarette smoke, toilets, etc.). 

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  • 8,05 EUR In Stock

    Parasite-repellent shampoo Vivog  Acts immediately by repelling skin parasites and helping to soothe itching and irritation.   Preventive.   Cleansing and insect repellent,   frequent use.  Shampoo diluted in water at a concentration of 1 : 7  

    8,05 EUR
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items