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Osuška z mikrovlákna Vivog

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Detanglers for dogs and cats Vivog

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  • 13,61 EUR In Stock

     The “Magic detangling” spray Vivog helps to untangle and condition the coat,  making it super smooth.  Rich in Jojoba oil.  Pleasant fragrance.   

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  • 14,13 EUR Out of stock

    Powerfull detangling professionnal spray VivogThe professional, silicon-free “Power detangler” spray loosens knots, facilitates brushing, and nourishes the coat.Can be used on wet or dry fur. Conditioning, restorative, and antistatic.Ultra concentrated formulation, a few pumps are all that you need.Content : 300ml

    14,13 EUR
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  • 16,29 EUR In Stock

    The “Magic, oil-free detangling spray” Vivog for dogs and cats,  does not leave the coat feeling greasy.  With plant extracts,  it detangles and conditions the coat,  leaving it super smooth. It optimises the action of the shampoo,  prevents knots, and has anti-static action. Spray on after shampooing,  recommended for use in dogs and cats Volume 500 ml 

    16,29 EUR
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items