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H2O Line
Cosmetics for dogs and cats Pure Paws H2O Line

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  • 26,92 EUR Out of stock

    The H2O Spray contains water-based silicones allowing moisture to seal in quickly. Perfect for achieving a lighter finish on the coat. Use daily to  hydrate hair shafts, and retain moisture! Get all the shine without weight.  

    26,92 EUR
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  • 32,83 EUR In Stock

    Our H2O Conditioner has it all! After using this product previously dry coats will feel incredibly moisturized without ever becoming limp or lifeless.  Natural fatty acids and oils nourish the skin and coat and leave it weightless and soft to the touch.

    32,83 EUR
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  • 39,99 EUR In Stock

    H2O Hydrating mist seals in moisture! This unique formula helps keep moisture in the hair shafts controlling dry fly away coats. Use daily to maintain moisture levels optimal. Hydrated shafts refract back brilliant color and shine. Get all the shine without all the weight! 

    39,99 EUR
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  • 29,94 EUR In Stock

    Introducing Pure Paws H2O Shampoo Our H2O Shampoo is perfect for extreme hydration. This shampoo calms the skin and decreases excess  oils allowing for healthy oils to permeate the skin and coat adding brilliant, natural shine. Natural plant extracts also help in maintain wonderfully  healthy skin.

    29,94 EUR
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items