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After shampoo for dogs and cats Artero

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  • 9,95 EUR In Stock

    Antistatic Spray Artero For Dogs, Cats

    9,95 EUR
    In Stock
  • 10,10 EUR In Stock

    Keeps the coat clean for long time, great hydratation, anti-toxin effect, anti-pollution, helps detangling coat, softening affect, only with natural ingredients, suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. 

    10,10 EUR
    In Stock
  • 11,62 EUR In Stock

    A conditioner that instantly restores the softness and shine of natural hair, achieving a silky, easy-to-brush look. Keratin regenerates  damaged hair and by adding more weight, it hangs better and increases the hair?s straightness. It is not necessary to rinse. Pump  included.

    11,62 EUR
    In Stock
  • 11,25 EUR In Stock

    A special texturizing spray for dogs with curly hair and cords. The Curly trend has already arrived and Loop is the best cosmetic to  achieve this effect in dogs with curly and wavy hair. 

    11,25 EUR
    In Stock
  • 18,53 EUR In Stock

    The Artero Matt-X Conditioner is a spray formulation that instantly aids brushing. With moisturising, nourishing and antistatic qualities, this conditioner improves the quality of the your furry friends fur,  making it noticeably softer and more manageable. This product can be applied to both wet and dry coats and is fragrance free.

    18,53 EUR
    In Stock
  • 13,36 EUR In Stock

    Its anti-static properties allow for brushing to be effortless. Able to de-matt and keep matt free between brushing.Its volumizing effect allows for a better finish in dense, curly and long coats.

    13,36 EUR
    In Stock
  • 11,64 EUR In Stock

    Instantly restores softness and shine to all coats. The silk proteins repair, restore and protect working deep into the hair cuticles whilst the pro  vitamins add shine to the coat. The concentration helps to keep the coat protected and healthy looking for longer. Has a lovely fresh talc smell.

    11,64 EUR
    In Stock
  • 46,54 EUR In Stock

    Artero SPA Vital Mask for dogs and cats, formulated with Aloe Vera and Rose Hip Seed Oil, which together achieve a unique moisturizing action, produce a repairing, anti-inflammatory and healting results. 

    46,54 EUR
    In Stock
  • 16,72 EUR In Stock

    Spray that gives an extraordinary shine and silky effect to all type of coats. The careful selection  of its ingredients give Flash a non-greasy, conditioning effect which makes it an ideal softener for dry coats.  The result is a shiny film that prevents tangling and helps brushing.

    16,72 EUR
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items