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Special cosmetics

Special cosmetics for dogs and cats Dog Generation

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  • 8,23 EUR In Stock

    Lubricant spray for grooming blades - 300 ml. Improve and prolongs the use of blades while disinfecting, lubricating and cooling. Use the B17 spray to cool down your blades and optimizing your clipping. 

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    Washing wet wipes Dog Generation The “cleansing wipes” are recommended for cleaning the eyes, ears, and muzzle.   Particularly suitable for removing dust from the fur and dirt from the paws.   Ready-touse in all circumstances, at home, in the car, whilst travelling.   Impregnated with a gentle alcohol-free fragranced lotion, the wipes leave a deodorising...

    6,58 EUR
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  • 7,07 EUR In Stock

    Dog Generation ear cleaner for dogs and cats. With sweet almond oil.  100 ml bottle. Gentle and Anti-inflammatory. 

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  • 6,43 EUR In Stock

    Dog Generation eye cleaner for dogs and cats. With camomile essential oil. 100 ml bottle. Anti-inflammatory and hydrating. 

    6,43 EUR
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  • 6,70 EUR In Stock

    Fresh breath spray Dog Generation  This mint spray instantly fights against bad breath and prevents tartar build-ups.  Very easy to apply.  125 ml 

    6,70 EUR
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  • 10,13 EUR In Stock

    Intensive oil Dog Generation for dogs and cats. This subtle mixture for long and dry coats not only promotes hair growth but also protects and softens the hair thanks to the  combination of jojoba and wheat germs oils.  Infusing moisture and essential nutrients, it is often used with curl papers to keep the hair healthy and strong during the hairstyling...

    10,13 EUR
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  • 19,32 EUR In Stock

    This unique product helps remove and prevent mats. Works like a conditioner to repair and nourish the coat. The moisturizing effect of Matex considerably reduces the chance of new mats forming, while strengthening and protecting the coat from drying out. Works equally well on dry or wet hair and can be used during bathing as a booster for the shampoo.

    19,32 EUR
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  • 15,57 EUR In Stock

    NOURISHING BALM Dog Generations for dogs and cats This smooth and creamy balm encloses the hair capsules, leaving it silky  and soft and thus helping it to untangle. Enriched with jojoba and wheat germs oils, its nourishing properties  prevent hair from dehydration and restore the smooth and softness of  rough and damaged coats. Recommended for dogs with...

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  • 15,46 EUR In Stock

    Whitening spray  DOG generation  a great help when you need more than a whitening shampoo  400 ml  

    15,46 EUR
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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items