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After shampoo for dogs and cats

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  • 11,97 EUR In Stock

    Help to reduce shedding and moisturises helping to prevent knots. 90 ml

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  • 11,47 EUR In Stock

    Antistatic Spray Artero For Dogs, Cats

    11,47 EUR
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  • 11,62 EUR In Stock

    A conditioner that instantly restores the softness and shine of natural hair, achieving a silky, easy-to-brush look. Keratin regenerates  damaged hair and by adding more weight, it hangs better and increases the hair?s straightness. It is not necessary to rinse. Pump  included.

    11,62 EUR
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  • 11,25 EUR In Stock

    A special texturizing spray for dogs with curly hair and cords. The Curly trend has already arrived and Loop is the best cosmetic to  achieve this effect in dogs with curly and wavy hair. 

    11,25 EUR
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  • 18,53 EUR In Stock

    The Artero Matt-X Conditioner is a spray formulation that instantly aids brushing. With moisturising, nourishing and antistatic qualities, this conditioner improves the quality of the your furry friends fur,  making it noticeably softer and more manageable. This product can be applied to both wet and dry coats and is fragrance free.

    18,53 EUR
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  • 13,36 EUR In Stock

    Its anti-static properties allow for brushing to be effortless. Able to de-matt and keep matt free between brushing.Its volumizing effect allows for a better finish in dense, curly and long coats.

    13,36 EUR
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  • 11,64 EUR In Stock

    Instantly restores softness and shine to all coats. The silk proteins repair, restore and protect working deep into the hair cuticles whilst the pro  vitamins add shine to the coat. The concentration helps to keep the coat protected and healthy looking for longer. Has a lovely fresh talc smell.

    11,64 EUR
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  • 46,54 EUR In Stock

    Artero SPA Vital Mask for dogs and cats, formulated with Aloe Vera and Rose Hip Seed Oil, which together achieve a unique moisturizing action, produce a repairing, anti-inflammatory and healting results. 

    46,54 EUR
    In Stock
  • 5,63 EUR 8,05 EUR -30% In Stock

    AVOCADO & MINK OIL DETANGLING CONDITIONER Dog Generation for dogs  The avocado and mink oil Conditioner is the perfect product for dry and  rough coats wich are difficult to shape and to comb. It efficiently  removes static electricity and helps to untangle all kinds of knots by  straightening the hair’s surface. 

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  • 9,10 EUR Out of stock

    Cat professionnal after shampoo - Conditionner - Vivog The cat after-shampoo Vivog is antistatic. Strengthens the lipid sheath and protects the fur. Conditioner. Paraben free. With beeswax. Special cats - Formulated with soft surface-active agents - Detangling balm - Conditionner 

    9,10 EUR
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  • 47,59 EUR In Stock

    Specially designed to moisturise, add shine and manageability while preparing the coat for cutting. It's a daily "before and after”  product for your salon. Developed by, and for professionals 

    47,59 EUR
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  • 9,84 EUR In Stock

    Detangling spray beauty liss mink oil Dog generation for dogs and cats This powerful conditioner made from mink oil nourishes and softens your pet’s skin and hair and disentangles it at the same timeThe high-grade level of fatty acids and vitamin F forms a protective film on both the hair and the epidermis, moisturizes them and protects them against...

    9,84 EUR
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  • 11,89 EUR In Stock

    Vison magic spray Vivog  The «Mink” spray, enriched with vitamin F and mink oil, nourishes,   protects and vitalises your pet’s fur and skin.   It restores radiance and shine to the coat and promotes hair growth.   It combats dryness, prevents felting and broken hairs, and makes combing easier.   Its mild fragrance produces a pleasant sensation.   Natural...

    11,89 EUR
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  • 16,72 EUR In Stock

    Spray that gives an extraordinary shine and silky effect to all type of coats. The careful selection  of its ingredients give Flash a non-greasy, conditioning effect which makes it an ideal softener for dry coats.  The result is a shiny film that prevents tangling and helps brushing.

    16,72 EUR
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  • 9,92 EUR In Stock

    Powerful conditioner nourishes Dog generation for dogs and cats, softens and strengthens your pet’s coat.  he jojoba oil helps regulate the excess of sebum, making the coat shiny and hydrated.  Slightly perfumed, it helps keeping a healthy coat, facilitating the disentanglement and the grooming.  

    9,92 EUR
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  • 8,76 EUR In Stock

    The dog after-shampoo Vivog is antistatic. Strengthens the lipid sheath and protects the fur. Conditioner. Paraben free. With beeswax. The detangling, conditioning, and antistatic “conditioner” balm, enriched with vitamin F, strengthens the lipid sheath that protects the hair shaft. Volumizing and reparative. 

    8,76 EUR
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  • 5,29 EUR 7,55 EUR -30% Product available with different options

    JOJOBA OIL DETANGLING CONDITIONER Dog Generation for dogs The creamy texture of the Jojoba conditioner contains all necessary  properties to take care of long hair. The formula has been especifically  designed to remove static electricity and to ease the untangling process  by straightening hair capsules. Enriched with jojoba oil, it keeps the coat...

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  • 13,49 EUR In Stock

    Aloe Vera Conditioner is economical and highly conditioning. It gives the coat a beautiful luster, makes it easy to detangle and has an antistatic effect. It optimizes volume and moisture balance. It is timesaving since it makes the coat easier to work with and dries more quickly. Suits all types of pets, coats, breeds, and puppies. 

    13,49 EUR
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  • 13,72 EUR In Stock

    Aloe Vera Nano Mist is a leave-in conditioner with quick antistatic effect and powerful detangling effect. It makes the coat easier to brush and gives great volume and structure. It counter-acts tangles and wears and makes the coat more manageable. It is suitable for all types of coats and animals.

    13,72 EUR
    In Stock
  • 14,85 EUR In Stock

    Crisp Mist Texturizer spray gives extra hold and texture to coats that needs a firmer volume and feeling. Just spray and brush or blow dry. Antistatic, de-tangling, moisturizing and protects the coat. Makes the coat easy to brush and will not damage the hair. Brings out the natural shine. Alcohol free. 

    14,85 EUR
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  • 16,03 EUR In Stock

    DEMATTER SPRAY is a instant conditioner spray with magic anti-static, detangling and moisturizing power. It makes all types of hair and coats easy to brush with an amazing shine. Prevents tangles and wear with long lasting result. 

    16,03 EUR
    In Stock
  • 24,77 EUR 33,03 EUR -25% In Stock

    K9 Competition Intensive Aloe Vera Coat Cure with powerful Vitamin/Protein/Keratin Complex increases the level of moisture, repair and control that damage and ragged coats needs. With K9 Intensive Coat Cure you will get a sleek, easy maintained and transformed coat with luscious shine. 

    24,77 EUR 33,03 EUR -25%
    Reduced price!
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  • 16,18 EUR In Stock

    K9 KERATIN+ Coat Repair Moisturizer …is an ultra-restoring leave in spray conditioner with a blend of Keratin Protein and D-Panthenol that makes coat incredibly easy to brush and with an amazing shine and softness. 

    16,18 EUR
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  • 15,56 EUR In Stock

    KERATIN+ Moist Conditioner …is a super moisturizer and restoring conditioner with a blend of Keratin Protein and D-Panthenol that makes the coat incredibly healthy and smooth with amazing shine. 

    15,56 EUR
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 24 of 68 items