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Special cosmetics for dogs and cats

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  • 11,92 EUR In Stock

    Antistatic Spray Artero For Dogs, Cats

    11,92 EUR
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  • 10,82 EUR In Stock

    Keeps the coat clean for long time, great hydratation, anti-toxin effect, anti-pollution, helps detangling coat, softening affect, only with natural ingredients, suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. 

    10,82 EUR
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  • 12,86 EUR In Stock

    Artero Balsam for dogs. Dermal soothing: Itches, Irritations, Reddening. Eccemas generated primarily by friction during brushing. Parasite bites. Stripping technique. Shaven in a hurry or hot blades, etc. 

    12,86 EUR
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  • 17,91 EUR In Stock

    Improves your dog's image by giving his coat spectacular volume. With spray applicator to cover the desired area in seconds. Brush after application and get an "explosion" of volume. Ergonomic aluminium packaging for easy stirring 

    17,91 EUR
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  • 12,28 EUR In Stock

    Covers and protects the hair cuticle, preventing ultraviolet and infrared rays from damationg the hait. Use: when outdoors in  sunlight, on walks by the beach, lake, etc. How to use - Spray on dry hair, if brushed or massaged into the coat the product is  distributed more effectively but it is not essential. 

    12,28 EUR
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  • 13,13 EUR In Stock

    Repairing cream for damaged skin.  

    13,13 EUR
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  • 14,70 EUR In Stock

    Extra foam volume for dogs and cats. Mousse foam type that adds volume to hair and extra body. Form of use Foam Artero Zoom for dogs and cats: Apply elproducto in the palm and spread on the clean, wet or dry blanket, that you want to volume, brushing against the grain with the heat of the  dryer. 

    14,70 EUR
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  • 19,00 EUR In Stock

    Can be applied either to fix or texture hairstyle. Lacque that allows free movement of the hair. The perfect touch for all races, ideal for terriers  and assemble top knots.

    19,00 EUR
    In Stock
  • 19,00 EUR In Stock

    Artero Podium Strong Hold Hair Spray has been specially formulated to provide maximum hold while leaving no residue in the coat. Ideal for show  top knots, this hair spay is resistant to shocks and the dog's movement. Presented in an elegant

    19,00 EUR
    In Stock
  • 27,29 EUR 38,99 EUR -30% In Stock

    Artero Intensifyng for dogs and cats, for white, black, grey and brown coats. Never has there been such an effective  formula in the elimination of yellow tones from white coats and enhancement of white, black, grey or brown coats.  Gives shining and bright results. 100% effective. Does not contain washing properties.

    27,29 EUR 38,99 EUR -30%
    Reduced price!
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  • 46,54 EUR In Stock

    Artero SPA Vital Mask for dogs and cats, formulated with Aloe Vera and Rose Hip Seed Oil, which together achieve a unique moisturizing action, produce a repairing, anti-inflammatory and healting results. 

    46,54 EUR
    In Stock
  • 9,97 EUR In Stock

    “Chalk block” is used for the dry maintenance or epilation of white or light-coloured wire-haired breeds of dog. 

    9,97 EUR
    In Stock
  • 13,92 EUR In Stock

    “2 coloured chalks” for temporarily masking unsightly irregularities in coat colour and harmonising the overall coat colour. 

    13,92 EUR
    In Stock
  • 6,99 EUR In Stock

    Coloring stick  The “Colour stick” is used to temporarily mask any unsightly irregularities in coat colour.  Harmonises the ensemble of the coat colour. 

    6,99 EUR
    In Stock
  • 47,59 EUR In Stock

    Specially designed to moisturise, add shine and manageability while preparing the coat for cutting. It's a daily "before and after”  product for your salon. Developed by, and for professionals 

    47,59 EUR
    In Stock
  • 17,38 EUR In Stock

    Spray that gives an extraordinary shine and silky effect to all type of coats. The careful selection  of its ingredients give Flash a non-greasy, conditioning effect which makes it an ideal softener for dry coats.  The result is a shiny film that prevents tangling and helps brushing.

    17,38 EUR
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  • 10,13 EUR In Stock

    Intensive oil Dog Generation for dogs and cats. This subtle mixture for long and dry coats not only promotes hair growth but also protects and softens the hair thanks to the  combination of jojoba and wheat germs oils.  Infusing moisture and essential nutrients, it is often used with curl papers to keep the hair healthy and strong during the hairstyling...

    10,13 EUR
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  • 14,85 EUR In Stock

    Crisp Mist Texturizer spray gives extra hold and texture to coats that needs a firmer volume and feeling. Just spray and brush or blow dry. Antistatic, de-tangling, moisturizing and protects the coat. Makes the coat easy to brush and will not damage the hair. Brings out the natural shine. Alcohol free. 

    14,85 EUR
    In Stock
  • 24,77 EUR 33,03 EUR -25% In Stock

    K9 Competition Intensive Aloe Vera Coat Cure with powerful Vitamin/Protein/Keratin Complex increases the level of moisture, repair and control that damage and ragged coats needs. With K9 Intensive Coat Cure you will get a sleek, easy maintained and transformed coat with luscious shine. 

    24,77 EUR 33,03 EUR -25%
    Reduced price!
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  • 16,92 EUR In Stock

    K9 KERATIN+ Coat Repair Moisturizer …is an ultra-restoring leave in spray conditioner with a blend of Keratin Protein and D-Panthenol that makes coat incredibly easy to brush and with an amazing shine and softness. 

    16,92 EUR
    In Stock
  • 16,20 EUR In Stock

    SHOW OFF IN A HANDY, LITTLE BOTTLE! Silk Shine provides unexcelled lustre and shine to all types of coats and hair. It counteracts tangling, split hair ends and static electricity. 

    16,20 EUR
    In Stock
  • 19,32 EUR In Stock

    This unique product helps remove and prevent mats. Works like a conditioner to repair and nourish the coat. The moisturizing effect of Matex considerably reduces the chance of new mats forming, while strengthening and protecting the coat from drying out. Works equally well on dry or wet hair and can be used during bathing as a booster for the shampoo.

    19,32 EUR
    In Stock
  • 15,57 EUR In Stock

    NOURISHING BALM Dog Generations for dogs and cats This smooth and creamy balm encloses the hair capsules, leaving it silky  and soft and thus helping it to untangle. Enriched with jojoba and wheat germs oils, its nourishing properties  prevent hair from dehydration and restore the smooth and softness of  rough and damaged coats. Recommended for dogs with...

    15,57 EUR
    In Stock
  • 18,73 EUR Out of stock

    Pure Dead Sea Salt Terra Beauty  Muscle relaxant.  Restorative action after physical exertion.  Nourishes the skin and coat.  Made with natural ingredients: Dead Sea salts, clove oil, sandalwood oil, and ylang-ylang oil.  Hypoallergenic. 

    18,73 EUR
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