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When you don't have access to running water to wash your beloved pet, when he or she is afraid of water, when you  can't use water or when you are in a hurry, Speed Clean is the best solution! 

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9,53 EUR

  • 200 ml

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This effective no-rinse shampoo effortlessly cleanses dirty hair, eliminates odours and leaves the coat with a  wonderfully fresh scent. Its innovative formula with aloe vera extract revitalises, refreshes and cleanses the hair  without making it sticky and heavy or drying it out! Sebum, mud, urine, product residues and other dirt are absorbed  without changing the texture of the coat. Instant spray shampoo for superficial or full coat cleaning. 
No rinsing required. Can be used on all colours without changing the natural colour of the coat. 
Suitable for dogs and cats, and for all coat types and textures. Ideal when travelling or on the go, in between washes  or at dog shows. Ph: 6.7. Excellent for daily maintenance. 


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