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Shampoo Artero Bye Bye

New product

Our new Sampoo Artero Bye Bye is a repellent and anti-parasitic shampoo for both dogs and cats.
It contains a group of ingredients combined to repel and remove fleas and ticks amongst other external parasites.
It’s a completely natural shampoo compatible with other elements and provides an immediate balsamic and soothing
effect on the skin. 

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12,89 EUR

  • 250 ml

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Amongst other ingredients it contains:
Melaleuca alternifolia: Known as well as tea tree, providing an antiseptic and antifungal effect.
Propylene Glycol: Provides immediate extreme hydration and deep nourish, ideal for cross hair.
Vitamin Complex: Deep hair nourishing.
Due to its natural composition, it becomes suitable for all breeds.


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